Silver Fit


New is hard and vulnerable. But on the other hand, the discomfort of exploration, of doing new
things, is where the magic happens. When we stop growing we start declining, there is no neutral
This is an extremely unusual and new time for all of us. Focusing on what we have control over and
breaking that down into bite-sized chunks it key to coping with the current climate. Expressing how
we feel, allows us to normalise what we are feeling and experiencing. Giving ourselves permission to
feel a certain way gives us a chance at normalising things too. This is uncomfortable because brave is
This approach, in turn, helps to put the overwhelming moments into perspective and realise that
these feelings are not permanent, this is going to end at some point.
Then, finally, we need to reality-check our expectations. This is going to be hard for a while, very hard, and we might 
not handle it perfectly at first. Remember, give yourself permission and time to adjust.
The more we’re willing to embrace being forced into a new comfort zone, the more we’re willing to
try new things. This isn’t because facing ‘new’ gets comfortable, it’s because we learn how to
normalise discomfit.

“If there’s one thing we know for sure, normalising discomfort and learning how to stay standing in
the midst of feeling unsure and uncertain - that’s the foundation of courage. Imagine what it would
be like to know that you can get through something that’s vulnerable and uncomfortable. Knowing
that you have what it takes to survive the cringy, awkward moments and come out on the other side
with more information, new ideas, new habits, new skills, that’s how we get braver with our lives
and with our hearts” – Brene Brown.

Credit: Brene Brown
Photo by Christian Linnemann