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One of the most debated topics is how much exercise does one actually need to do a week? Some will say you need to be in the gym for an hour everyday… others swear by special machines that mean 10 minutes a week is enough…
The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has researched this topic from every angle and has found indisputable evidence that all humans need at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week.

What is moderate intensity?

When your metabolic equivalent is approximately 3 – 6 METS, i.e. brisk walking, dancing, building tasks, carrying moderate loads.
Low intensity is 6 METS, i.e. running, competitive sports, carrying heavy loads.

The next big question then is this… What TYPE of exercise should one do?

Your body responds best to a combination of exercise, each designed for a different purpose. You should aim to incorporate all these aspects within each exercise session, or within the 150 minutes of exercise a week.

  1. Cardiorespiratory Exercise – Exercise that makes you feel breathless and works most major muscle groups, i.e. walking, cycling, swimming.
  2. Resistance Exercise – Strength training for the muscles, i.e. body weight, therabands and weights.
  3. Flexibility Exercise – Stretching and range of motion activity.
  4. Neuromotor Exercise – Balance, agility, coordination and gait.

For more information you can visit the ACSM website:

Sufficient exercise is vital to keep your body functioning optimally and to prevent, delay or lessen the effects of certain injury, disease, illness or age related health problems.