I was a long distance runner, with 11 Comrades under my belt, up until I turned 60, however an operation on my foot plus the advent of Scoliosis in my lower back soon prevented me from any impact exercise. My husband, who had always been a strong and healthy person injured his back felling a tree, he had to have an operation. He became frail and weak thereafter. We bought a stationary bike and started walking, this did not help my husband and I felt I needed more exercise than I was getting. Silver Fit provided the answer, within two months of joining, my husband was stronger, standing straight and for the first time he loved exercise that didn’t entail climbing trees and lugging logs around. I loved being able to improve my flexibility, strength and balance, amongst others of my age. Going to a gym was awful, full of beautiful bodies and hunky men wearing clothes that looked ridiculous on us plus we didn’t really know what we were supposed to be doing, besides gyms, I found, were really lonely places to be. The social and physical aspect of Silver Fit, among people of our own age, trying to keep ourselves fit, was the best thing we ever did. Thank you

Jean & Roy Dearman

I joined Silver Fit as I realised that I needed to do exercise and improve my general health.
That is exactly what Silver Fit offers and more. When COVID19 happened, Hannah had the foresight to implement the online classes and keep us oldies moving. Through these classes, we have met so many other members and we have become a Silver Fit community.
I take my hat off to all the staff at Silver Fit for making all of this possible.

Muggie Pretorius

Silver Fit is like no other exercise group/organisation I’ve ever belonged to.The focus is not just about the physical aspect of well being, but also includes mental, spiritual and intellectual wellbeing, so the approach is holistic and i commend the Silver Fit team for this.

Julia Holmes

Silver Fit has made a huge difference in my life. My balance, fitness and flexibility has improved.

Dave Rappoport

The online Silver Fit  classes have helped me to keep motivated and moving during Lockdown. It is clear that the instructors and the whole team are interested in keeping the over 60’s as fit and healthy as possible. The choice of classes is varied, making it possible to try different exercises. I have thoroughly enjoyed taking part over these past few months.

Delia Russell

The way Silver Fit and the team of instructors has adapted the workouts to help us cope with CoVid19 restrictions has been admirable, inventive and professional. The daily and weekly tips and guidelines on the WhatsApp group have also been very useful. Well done to the team that has bent over backwards to make it easy for us to carry on exercising, while putting themselves out. It is greatly appreciated. Thank you all!

Susan du Plessis