I am really enjoying the exercises and the fact that they are exactly what I need to try and regain strength, mobility and balance. Classes are attended by really nice people, the trainers are friendly and charming but more importantly very knowledgeable. I am so glad, Hannah and Kim, that you have started Silver Fit and I hope to continue for many years.

Lynette Edley

Silver Fit has opened up my life for me. These women instructors have slowly over the weeks re educated my body, allowing me flexibility, muscle tone and strength. I now hold my body upright and with shoulders back. In alignment. Every week I feel the amazing difference. As I release tension and pain. I now love walking once more and feel energized.

Carol Coney

I have found that since starting Silver Fit 3 months ago, I’m less stiff and more relaxed. I can move more.

Derrick Dodkins

I’m really enjoying these classes, I feel stronger and have reduced my back pain because my posture is improving. Lovely instructors with a lot of variation in the exercises so they really don’t get boring. I recommend this program to all my friends.

Irene Florence

Since joining Silver Fit I have found that the strength in my legs has improved as well as my overall strength and balance.   I thoroughly enjoy the classes and the people!

Rosa Camara

I so enjoy the exercises and I am happy to say that my balance and posture is improving. I will definitely be continuing with Silver Fit.

Desiree Hollander

It is so nice to attend a program that is specifically designed for my age group. The instructor is super and pushes us just far enough. The classes are fantastic and I look forward to each one. All I can say is a big thank you.

Sandra Wanting