Silver Fit


Humans have always felt the need to keep time and divide our days and nights and seasons. Timekeeping dates back to 10 000 BC, however, the calendar we use today, the Gregorian calendar was developed in 1582, as a refinement of the Cesarean calendar, which was the first to follow an algorithm that was independent of the moon. 

 So why do we feel the need to divide our time into years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds? 

With the evolution of humanity and modern society, we rely on time to tell us when to wake up, go to work, catch a bus or meet up with friends. This all allows our lives to run more efficiently. 

So, with there being 23 days till 2018, let us use this time to look back and look forward, on our journey through health. 

 December is a wonderfully festive time, with Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years, and general merriment. However it also allows for an important time of reflection, as we look at what we have done over the year, and what we would like to change for the next year. 

So I want to ask you 3 questions: 

  1. What is something positive you have done in 2017? 
  2. What is something you would like to leave in 2017? 
  3. What is something you would like to improve in 2018? 

I hope you spend some time thinking on these 3, seemingly simple, but extremely important questions. Particularly in the context of your own health and wellness. 

What are some ways you have taken care of yourself really well? 

What are some things you may have neglected? 

What is something, for your health, that you wish to make a priority for 2018? 

Sometimes we tend to write off this time and just look forward to the new year, but what can we do to make December count and stay fit over this festive season? 

  1. See where you usually get distracted or off track and make sure you have a plan to counteract this – try and keep some routine in this time.
  2. Do not focus on the food – many traditions centre around food, however take this time to focus on other traditions; decorating the house, making gifts, singing carols or helping at a charity. 
  3. Indulge in special treats – Do enjoy the things you love, but save the indulgence for special times. 
  4. Stay hydrated – In this heat especially, it is important to drink enough water. 
  5. Exercise – Get your endorphins going to help you find the energy to tackle those busy shops and family visits. 
  6. Make workouts fun – you will need extra motivation as end of year syndrome hits… so start a new group class or exercise with friends. 
  7. Utilize short workouts – You don’t need to exercise for hours to be active, if you have 20 or 30 minutes, use that time to do some sit to stands, or take a brisk walk. 
  8. Make the most of the summer weather – We have such an agreeable climate, make the most of this and do things outside, garden, walk, play with grandkids, the possibilities are endless. 
  9. Relax and enjoy! This is a wonderful time, enjoy it!